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How does CarePulse solve these problems?

CarePulse utilizes live-streaming, multisource data that analyzes, identifies, monitors and alerts users of system bottlenecks. CarePulse displays, in a live environment, variations in testing and treatment flow. CarePulse measures queue depth of each process step and alerts management, in an escalating fashion, when queue depth, time in queue or a combination of the two is above specified levels. CarePulse also displays queue information, allowing hospital staff and management to track real-time patient flow in comparison to historical patterns. This information, in combination with available critical resources, will facilitate timely staffing and resource allocation.

One point of visibility – Multiple points of activity  

Example: A charge nurse can see that a dirty bed exists in Pod 1 and notify housekeeping that a change is needed. Simultaneously the nursing care staff in Pod 3 can see that test results are back for Patient A and discharge them to the waiting physician. The waiting physician can see the test results sooner, opening his schedule to treat more patients.

Improved morale and blame-free staff accountability

CarePulse accurately identifies the delays and bottlenecks. Staffing can be increased, decreased, or shifted based on real-time data and need. Because all activity (or lack thereof) is seen by all parties connected with patient care, staff accountability becomes intuitive. Morale improves as the staff works together as a team. 

CarePulse provides for prescriptive changes in hospital processes providing many benefits:

  • Instant visualization of bottlenecks
  • Real data for use in budgeting, hiring, purchasing
  • Better utilization of current staffing
  • Optimization of the emergency department capacity
  • Increased revenue
  • Finger-pointing replaced by teamwork and solutions
  • Improved staff morale
  • Higher employee retention
  • Better patient care and satisfaction