CarePulse is a game-changer in the emergency department technology suite.


With the introduction of CarePulse Beta testing in the emergency department of a Central Florida hospital there has been a dramatic 50% reduction in patient wait time.

Testimonies like this position CarePulse as one of the newest advancements in the medical community. Though the app was conceived and created by former ER doctor Jeffrey R. Dreyer, MD, it is not a medical company but a technology firm that truly understands the need of the medical triage community. CarePulse is a cloud-based app, or SaaS (Software as a Service), utilizing the hospitals' own HL7 messages to create healthy transparency and accountability in emergency care.  

CarePulse displays the current status of your emergency department's patient throughput. It easily and securely displays on local monitors, TVs, tablets or even phones, while not displaying any sensitive HIPAA Compliance information. Monitoring arrivals, bed placement, time measurements and more, CarePulse has reduced the patient wait time up to 50% in hospitals by managing and pinpointing any potential delays in quality and timely care.

CarePulse has proven results in rising patient satisfaction, improved hospital care standings and increased emergency department (ED) revenues.